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Climate Change: Impact On Philippine Tourism

13th, November, 2015
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With the United Nations' COP21 meeting in Paris about to take place, with around 185 nations reported to be attending, we thought it opportune to consider how a rise in sea level, resulting from the estimated 2°C to 4°C increase in global temperatures, may impact Philippine

How To Fly To Philippines: 5 Easy Steps

6th, September, 2015
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How to fly to El Nido from Honolulu or, from Sydney or, even from Davao? Which airlines to contact?

Claiming a World First, and definitely a first and only in the Philippines, the website provides the answers to all such questions in five eas

Sports Tourism Philippines Next Objective

24th, June, 2015
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Sports tourism is expected to bring the next million, first-time tourists to the Philippines. In discussion with Directors of Department of Tourism in Makati City this is the real expectation. But what sports and where?

One example: Subic Bay

Cruising Yacht Charter In The Philippines

14th, April, 2015
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The Philippines is almost virgin territory for yacht charter cruising. Yes, for many decades, people have sailed their yachts around the many islands that make up the Philippine archipelago but there are precious few opportunities for people to charter a yacht in the Phil

What Is Biodiversity? The Owls Have It

26th, November, 2014
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Professor Nigel Peake observes: ‘They’ve done this for millions of years before we ever thought of it.’ The good professor, although he does not make the specific connection in his statement, is referring to just one aspect of biodiversity and how it helps humans do more with less by observing how Mother Nature (biodiversity) has all the answers if we can just keep her alive long enough to show us. The article, in which owls and biodiversity are the object, was focused on improving the design of aircraft and wind-turbi

Why Do Ultra High Net Worth Individuals Go Sailing

4th, October, 2014
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The amihan winds of Autumn are building around the periphery of a high pressure system that is developing over East Siberia. During the coming three weeks, Philippine sailing enthusiasts will be gearing up for sustained action at the first sailing regatta of the 2014/15 racing season: the All Souls Regatta in Puerto Galera – the largest sailing event in the Philippines for

3 Reasons Biodiversity Is Important To Man

6th, September, 2014
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“Biodiversity is important to Man” I stated, during a discussion with business acquaintances last week. I was shocked that more than half the group asked, “Why?”

Here are the 3 reasons why biodiversity is important

The Benefits Of Development | Not Here Please

31st, August, 2014
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I try not to read the “news” on Sundays because it is my day for catching up on all the things that I did not accomplish during the week before. Today however, I decided to take a peek at the news from “down under” . . . you know, the place of the rugged, spiritual Crocodile Dundee and a beer so lifeless that it has been reduced to a two letter acronym (“VB”). I wanted to see what the benefits of development may have been in the defining moments of the island's 40,000 years of history – other than the arrival of Capta