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Ferries Batangas To Puerto Galera

26th, April, 2019
Puerto Galera Ferry
For almost as long as I can remember the ferries between Batangas Port and Puerto Galera were predominantly outrigger boats of various sizes. Outrigger boats would deliver passengers from Batangas Port to Muelle Pier & Sabang Beach, and to beach landings at White Beach, Aninuan, Talipanan and Coco Beach. In late 2018 the outrigger boats were banned, to be replaced with “fastcraft”, which are reportedly designed to be safer – they are certainly not faster

Sailing In Paradise: Busuanga

26th, March, 2019
South Cay Busuanga
In March 2019 we undertook a sailing adventure to the southwest corner of Busuanga Island to explore the developing yachting destination known as Busuanga Bay - an experiment in tourism development pioneered by the former Puerto del Sol Resort   Discovery Dive Center . . . now Marina del Sol Resort

Sailing In Paradise: Sibale

3rd, February, 2019
Sibale Island Romblon
Sibale is an extinct volcano and one of the numerous islands within Romblon Province. Sibale contains nine villages (barangays), forming the municipality of Conception and most of the residents still speak a dialect that is unique to Sibale and its two closest island neighbors: Banton and Simara (aka Corcuera)

Sailing In Paradise: Romblon

11th, January, 2019
Bonbon beach Romblon
In December 2018, we visited Romblon (town) on Romblon (island) in Romblon (province), arriving by yacht from Puerto Galera (Mindoro), via Mainit Bay (hot-spring bay) Banton Island (Romblon), with the intent of also visiting Sibuyan and Tablas islands. For various reasons we spent the majority of our time with our base of expedition being the Romblon Yacht Club, located about a kilometer North of Romblon town

2017 Royal Cargo All Souls Regatta Week

15th, October, 2017
Images courtesy: John Smart

Unquestionably the largest yachting event in the Philippines each year, the 2017 Royal Cargo All Souls Regatta Week in Puerto Galera is shaping up to be the most fun you can have on the water at Halloween.

Upwards of thirty yachts are expected in 2017, competing for trophies of Tanduay rum in three classes: cruising, cruiser/racer and multihull. In the multihull class the event has already set a Philippine regatta record, with eight cruising multihulls already signed up.

Turtles Return To Puerto Galera

13th, May, 2017
Images courtesy: John Smart

If you visited Puerto Galera in 1981, it would not have been uncommon to see turtles swimming along the shallow waters off the beaches and in the bays. The turtles would feed on the sponges and swathes of sea grass. Turtles would lay their eggs along the almost deserted beaches, especially along the peninsular beaches (from Coco Beach to Sabang Beach) and their young would stumble back into the water upon hatching, to commence their years of cruising the oceans.

Rowing La Mesa Dam

6th, May, 2017
Images courtesy: Girlie Cervantes

Rowing is not a sport that immediately screams "Philippines!" but certainly one where the Philippines has had some medal success on the international sporting stage. Rowing on La Mesa Dam offers the most complete workout, in arguably the healthiest corner of Metro Manila.

Family Boat Building Weekend 2017 – Samal Island

1st, May, 2017
Image courtesy: PHBYC

Want to build you own boat and learn to sail it? All in one weekend? Now you can . . .

The Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club ("PHBYC") has announced the Family Boat Building Weekend 2017, to take place during the Philippine Independence Day holiday weekend, from 10-12 June.