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New Ferry Services To Romblon Ready For Tourism

25th, March, 2014
Photo courtesy: Romblon News dot com

Two new ferry services are now available that will help tourists visit parts of the Philippines largely overlooked in the past. The first is from Manila to Romblon (and Masbate and Cebu); the second is from Pinamalayan to Maestre De Campo (Sibale), Banton and Simara (Corcuera).


A Philippine Ferry No Longer A Disaster

16th, March, 2014
Photo by: Girlie Cervantes

If you have ever traveled on a Philippine inter-island ferry then you will know that the toilets (vernacular: “Comfort Rooms”) are the last consideration for passenger comfort and are frequently a disaster area: smelly, often with broken cisterns and frequently with no running water or drainage, the complaints have mounted and mounted, especially for Montenegro Lines . . . because Montenegro have reportedly long maintained a strangle-hold on routes to the most beautiful parts of the archipelago. We have found an alternative and, everyone who is compelled to travel by ferry, should take note.


Journey / Travel To The Heart (of the Philippines)

25th, February, 2014
Photo by: John Smart

Travel to the Heart (of the Philippines) is a journey to the center of the Philippine archipelago, designed to provide a five day showcase of the beauty, diversity and culture of the islands. In just five days you will discover how life on the islands flourished for thousands of years, how the gentle, fun-loving island peoples lived amidst lands and seas so bountiful (and you will also discover how modern Man unchecked, can destroy such bounty). Join the tour, visit Marinduque, Sibuyan, Bulalacao and Maestro de Campo now.


Tourism Wealth & Beauty Threatened By School Year Change

19th, February, 2014
Image: Dept. of Tourism

The recent changes in the school year announced by many of schools in the Philippines may threaten the Philippine tourism industry and that will severely damage the wealth, health and beauty of the Philippines.

The Department of Education has mulled the idea of changing the school year for some time, in order that the academic year become congruent with schools and colleges in North America and Europe. It has now approved the changes for a number of the nation's school and colleges. The changes mean that instead of the end-of-year break falling at or around the end of March, with a long break until June, the end-of-year break shall fall in June and last until August.


Whale Hunting Season In The Philippines

5th, January, 2014
Photo: Jotay Resort

Hunting the best whale photographs from around the Philippines is a project of GetWet-Asia. Get involved, get on the water, get those photographs now. The annual whale hunting season in the Philippines starts in a few days. Bring your cameras to the Philippines from January through April 2014, passionately pixelate whales and email the images to


Davao Gulf Seamounts Need Saving

11th, December, 2013
Photo: John Ryan Largo

Sunday, 8th December, 2013, a group of environmentally motivated scuba divers, from Davao City, launched a call to save the seamounts of the Davao Gulf from rape and destruction by unsustainable fishing methods. Worthy though the call to save the seamounts is, one wonders whether a more sustainable approach to the promotion may generate wider support.


What Makes A Super Typhoon Like Haiyan?

14th, November, 2013
Image: Kochi University, Tokyo

Friday 8th November, 2013, the most powerful typhoon to make landfall ever recorded swiped at the southern shores of Samar Island and smashed, like a freight train on steroids, into the town of Guiuan, Samar, and the city of Tacloban, Leyte; it pushed before it a storm surge - a wall of water - some 5 meters high (higher by some accounts). This “natural disaster”, that has possibly claimed upwards of 10,000 lives, should be a wake up call to the World because the cause is anything but natural. At the moment, only one person has shown the passion and dedication necessary to say it like it is . . .


Attention Travel Agent’s: New Website For All Sports Philippines

25th, October, 2013
Image: Lemon Sky Design

If you are a travel agent you need to use this website. For all you travel agents out there who did not know how to recommend places in the Philippines to sports enthusiasts. A new website covering all sports in the Philippines is now on the Internet and packed full of the information that your clients will want to know.