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Information About ‘Travel Services’ in The Philippines

Sailing Cruise Philippines #1

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016
Image courtesy: John Smart

A sailing cruise aboard S/Y Naya

Fancy a sailing cruise in the Philippines? We will have to be friends first . . . in return you will enjoy some of the prettiest sailing cruise destinations in the Philippines and chance to meet some of the ocean’s most astounding creatures.

We set sail from Laiya, Batangas, with the intent of starting our five day sailing cruise by crossing to the island of Marinduque; to be specific, to the Tres Reyes island chain, off the southwest of Marinduque Island. However, the wind did not favor this plan and so, fairly early, we changed course for the volcano island of Sibale (also known as Conception and Maestre de Campo, depending on the map you use).

How To Fly To Philippines: 5 Easy Steps

Sunday, September 6th, 2015
Photo by: John Smart

How to fly to El Nido from Honolulu or, from Sydney or, even from Davao? Which airlines to contact?

Claiming a World First, and definitely a first and only in the Philippines, the website provides the answers to all such questions in five easy steps.

5 Reasons To Save Dahican Beach

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
Photo courtesy: Girlie Cervantes

The first and most obvious reason to save Dahican Beach is that very few people have ever been here and imbibed its beauty on a sunny afternoon, with a gentle Pacific Ocean breeze bringing the sounds of dolphins frolicking in front of a beach that they know is protected by Man . . .


What is Explorer Tourism? Why Philippines?

Sunday, June 1st, 2014
Photo courtesy: John Smart

What is “explorer tourism”? In a nutshell, explorer tourism is all about going somewhere that is so new to tourism that you may be the first person to experience or discover something there. The additional benefit of being the first to experience or discover something is that you frequently receive the honor of naming the something.


Ecotourism Philippines Explore The Adventure Today

Monday, May 19th, 2014
Photo courtesy: Juliet Solar

For many years Ecotourism in the Philippines has had bad-press, and justifiably so, e.g. tourist attractions that allow the visitor to observe the natural environment from the comfort of a gas-guzzling SUV traveling a concrete road, riding a zipline through a manicured portion of forest or, visiting a theme park, set in a portion of cultivated land beside the forest (from which it was hewn), to observe a selection of caged animals. Not exactly “Eco”!


Sibuyan Hiking Explorer Adventure Travel

Saturday, May 17th, 2014
Photo courtesy: Juliet Solar

Few know where Sibuyan is, fewer still know Sibuyan better than the forest rangers and hiking tour guides. If you are considering hiking with Mother Nature for an explorer holiday on a tropical island then you need to visit Sibuyan . . . Sibuyan is the one place on Earth where the Environment is predominant and consumerism virtually non-existent.


New Ferry Services To Romblon Ready For Tourism

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
Photo courtesy: Romblon News dot com

Two new ferry services are now available that will help tourists visit parts of the Philippines largely overlooked in the past. The first is from Manila to Romblon (and Masbate and Cebu); the second is from Pinamalayan to Maestre De Campo (Sibale), Banton and Simara (Corcuera).


A Philippine Ferry No Longer A Disaster

Sunday, March 16th, 2014
Photo by: Girlie Cervantes

If you have ever traveled on a Philippine inter-island ferry then you will know that the toilets (vernacular: “Comfort Rooms”) are the last consideration for passenger comfort and are frequently a disaster area: smelly, often with broken cisterns and frequently with no running water or drainage, the complaints have mounted and mounted, especially for Montenegro Lines . . . because Montenegro have reportedly long maintained a strangle-hold on routes to the most beautiful parts of the archipelago. We have found an alternative and, everyone who is compelled to travel by ferry, should take note.