Information About ‘Romblon’ in The Philippines

Freediving Philippines: Sailing Cruise #2

Thursday, April 14th, 2016
Image courtesy: Juliet Solar

Another sailing cruise aboard S/Y Naya

What sets a Freediving Sailing Cruise in the Philippines apart from almost all other South East Asian countries is the tectonic jousts that happen almost daily between the “plates” that cover our Planet’s mantle. The result is that many of the island groups are separated by deep, sometimes very deep, stretches of water, close to shore. Perfect for a Sailing Cruise adventure for freedivers.

Freedivers are different, and on a sailing cruise very different from the other friends we have taken thus far. It is not just that freedivers carry no weighty scuba gear and tanks of compressed air (or more exotic mixes of gases), it is that their perspective on a “dive” is typically more about self-awareness than embracing the stunning filaments of Mother Nature’s creation beneath the waves.

Sailing Cruise Philippines #1

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016
Image courtesy: John Smart

A sailing cruise aboard S/Y Naya

Fancy a sailing cruise in the Philippines? We will have to be friends first . . . in return you will enjoy some of the prettiest sailing cruise destinations in the Philippines and chance to meet some of the ocean’s most astounding creatures.

We set sail from Laiya, Batangas, with the intent of starting our five day sailing cruise by crossing to the island of Marinduque; to be specific, to the Tres Reyes island chain, off the southwest of Marinduque Island. However, the wind did not favor this plan and so, fairly early, we changed course for the volcano island of Sibale (also known as Conception and Maestre de Campo, depending on the map you use).

Ecotourism Philippines Explore The Adventure Today

Monday, May 19th, 2014
Photo courtesy: Juliet Solar

For many years Ecotourism in the Philippines has had bad-press, and justifiably so, e.g. tourist attractions that allow the visitor to observe the natural environment from the comfort of a gas-guzzling SUV traveling a concrete road, riding a zipline through a manicured portion of forest or, visiting a theme park, set in a portion of cultivated land beside the forest (from which it was hewn), to observe a selection of caged animals. Not exactly “Eco”!


New Ferry Services To Romblon Ready For Tourism

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
Photo courtesy: Romblon News dot com

Two new ferry services are now available that will help tourists visit parts of the Philippines largely overlooked in the past. The first is from Manila to Romblon (and Masbate and Cebu); the second is from Pinamalayan to Maestre De Campo (Sibale), Banton and Simara (Corcuera).


International Stone Skimming Championships Romblon

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
Image Courtesy: David Kershaw

This year will mark the second running of the International Stone Skimming Championships in Romblon town, Romblon, Philippines. Scotland has long been the ancestral home of International Stone Skimming Championships but now it has a challenger that aims to offer competition at least as good and possibly surpassing the founders, by virtue of its more exotic location.

What is stone skimming (ducks and drakes or stone skipping)? If you hold a roundish, flattish stone in your hand, with your index finger curled around the circumference, and flick your wrist just the right amount then the stone will spin upon release. If you simultaneously catapult your arm in a horizontal arc at just the right height above the surface of calmish water, the spinning stone will bounce across the surface of the water. Too little spin, not horizontal enough or the wrong height, and water not calm enough, then the stone will simply plop.

Philippine Boat Show 2009 – Beach Resort Toys

Friday, January 23rd, 2009
Photograph, Paddle Surfboards Romblon
Photo courtesy Dennis Shepherd

The Philippine Boat Show 2009 will bring beach resort toys for the boys and for the girls. Almost anything that floats will be on display and some will be demonstrated on the water at The Esplanade in front of the Mall Of Asia, Pasay City.

If you are a beach resort owner and want to find out how to tempt new guests to rate your beach resort as the best beach resort in the Philippines for on/in/under-water fun then you will find all the beach resort toys you need at the Philippine Boat Show, many of them manufactured by international companies in the Philippines.