Information About ‘Yacht Charter’ in The Philippines

Sailing Cruise Philippines #1

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016
Image courtesy: John Smart

A sailing cruise aboard S/Y Naya

Fancy a sailing cruise in the Philippines? We will have to be friends first . . . in return you will enjoy some of the prettiest sailing cruise destinations in the Philippines and chance to meet some of the ocean’s most astounding creatures.

We set sail from Laiya, Batangas, with the intent of starting our five day sailing cruise by crossing to the island of Marinduque; to be specific, to the Tres Reyes island chain, off the southwest of Marinduque Island. However, the wind did not favor this plan and so, fairly early, we changed course for the volcano island of Sibale (also known as Conception and Maestre de Campo, depending on the map you use).

Cruising Yacht Charter In The Philippines

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015
Photo by: John Smart

The Philippines is almost virgin territory for yacht charter cruising. Yes, for many decades, people have sailed their yachts around the many islands that make up the Philippine archipelago but there are precious few opportunities for people to charter a yacht in the Philippines.

New Marina In Manila Bay?

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
New Marina in Manila Bay Near Mall Of Asia
Photo courtesy Martyn Willes

Could there soon be a new marina in Manila Bay? Newspaper reports in the Manila Standard (19th November) suggest that there are plans afoot to build a new marina in Manila Bay, near the SM Mall of Asia site, along the waterfront in Pasay City. The new marina will also, it is reported, be offering pleasure boats on a timeshare basis.

A new marina is desperately needed in Manila Bay, most especially because of the stranglehold that the incumbent Manila Yacht Club has on safely parking a boat and on the sport of sailing in general in Manila Bay . . . a sport that the Manila Yacht Club appears to have been actively foregoing during the past year, in pursuit of alternative objectives.