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In this edition of GetWet Philippines we offer a run down of the events and happenings around the country from January to March 2017. But we start with offering a new campaign slogan for Tourism Philippines because the current one is reported to be out of favor. Enjoy!

A New Tourism Slogan For The Philippines

it's more fun in the Philippines

With the new administration there has been much speculation that a new tourism slogan would be created for the Philippines during 2017, to replace the current “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. The stated reason that the slogan needs to be changed is that market surveys – probably the same ones that forecast Britain to Remain and Clinton to Win – have determined that, although people think “It’s more fun . . . .” is cute, it has no call-to-action, i.e. few people get on a plane and visit after seeing the bus and media advertisements or as a result of smiling at the many humorous parodies on social media.

In consideration of the above survey GetWet Philippines proposes that the new slogan should be “Join Adventure Philippines”.

Join Adventure Philippines includes a call-to-action (Join), identifies the reason why (Adventure – every day can be an adventure here), identifies the location (Philippines). It should (if other surveys of millennials, baby boomers etc. are correct) appeal to the majority of potential travelers who are “experience-seeking” vacationers instead of “tropical sun & beach-seekers” – after all, there is only one Boracay and it is mostly full.

Join Adventure Philippines can also be para-phrased into such things as: Join Scuba Philippines, Join Caving Philippines, Join Sailing Philippines, Join Historic Philippines, Join Nature Philippines etc. or even Join Adventure Davao / Cebu / Puerto Galera . . . Call-to-action, reason and location . . . makes good sense?

We could of course add the suffix of “Now-Na!” but that, despite being colloquially-linguistically educational, may be a bit O.T.T. diba?

Do you have an alternative to “Join Adventure Philippines” that you would like to offer?

Email us with your ideas and we will zip them up and send to Sec. Wanda Teo, our new Head of Department of Tourism.

Join Sailing Philippines – Into The Future

MARINA Philippines

Along side scuba diving, the Philippines has always been a fantastic place to go sailing. Whether racing or cruising, the 7100+ islands of the archipelago offer exceptional opportunities for recreational yachting. What has held the industry back has been the lack of favorable regulation that would allow for boats & yachts to be easily purchased and chartered. This may be about to change . . .

MARINA, the government agency that is tasked with regulating everything that carries people and things on the water, has finally (I say finally because I have presented the case to MARINA over a period of 12 years) indicated that they may be willing to recognize that “pleasure” boats/yachts are different from 5,000-Ton people/cargo carriers, and that the people who enjoy pleasure boats do not need to be veterans of years of education in international maritime technicalities and law in order to be safe on the water.

Watch this space during 2017 for new, friendly MARINA regulations for pleasure boats/yachts . . . .

Join Sailing Philippines – In 2017

Mount Apo

You can join sailing Philippines throughout 2017 at the major sailing centres in Puerto Galera, Taal Lake, Subic Bay and Iloilo. In these locations, joining sailing is encouraged for beginners, novices and experienced, individuals, families, schools and colleges.

In Romblon, Boracay, Punta Fuego, Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Busuanga and in Davao you can join sailing if you pre-arrange your sailing experience with the local organizers.

In Manila too, after a decade-long hiatus, a new spirit of competitive sailing started in November 2016, and you can join sailing in Manila if you know an active Manila Yacht Club member or if you apply to become an associate sailing member – contact Ms. Gloria at the Manila Yacht Club Office for details: +63 2 525-8857

Charter boats for joining sailing Philippines are available in Puerto Galera, Subic Bay, Taal Lake, Batangas, Cebu, Boracay and EL Nido. Check out

For more information about how to Join Sailing Philippines check out

Join Expositions Philippines 2017

All Souls Regatta 2016

The 9th SeaEx Philippine Boat Show Nautical Lifestyle exposition will take place at the Mall Of Asia during the first weekend in March. This event is the largest of its kind in the Philippines and is gathering place for all things to do with water sports. Whether you are into rivers, lakes or oceans or, operating a resort or sports facility or, you represent a water sports association, then you should visit SeaEx 2017.

During SeaEx 2017, apart from the exhibits by equipment suppliers and faciltiies operators, there will be practical sessions on how to get involved in the water sports business plus sailing exhibitions from the Philippine Sailing Association and others.

Find out more at:

Join Sailing Events Philippines 2017

saiing events philippines

A raft of sailing events are planned for you to join sailing in the Philippines during 2017. Starting off in January with the Punta Fuego Regatta in Punta Fuego, and the Chinese New Year Regatta in Puerto Galera.

In February, the 200-mile Subic Bay to Boracay Race and the Boracay Cup Regatta are the focal points.

March sees the first downhill race from Punta Feugo to Busuanga followed by a rally from Puerto Galera to Romblon to prepare for . . .

The Romblon 3-Island Challenge kicks off April on “April Fools Day”, followed later in the month by the 26th Easter Regatta in Puerto Galera and the Commodores’ Cup Regatta in Subic Bay the following week. In June 2017, Subic Bay also hosts the Independence Day Regatta.

The end of October heralds the largest yachting event in the Philippines – the 14th All Souls Regatta in Puerto Galera. Billed as the “most fun you can have on the water at Halloween”, the All Souls Regatta week starts off with a two-day dinghy regatta followed by five days of big-boat sailing, culminating in the All Souls Regatta championship event.

November is highlighted by the Round The Volcano race weekend on Taal Lake, for Hobie 16s and dinghies, with the year being closed out by the Puerto Galera Yacht Club Xmas/New Year Regatta.

Almost all of the above events are open to anyone, from anywhere, with or without a boat. Boats can be chartered for most events or crew positions are frequently available for people with some sailing experience.

If you want to know more about any event or if you want to get your hands on the 2017 Philippine Sailing Calendar then email your request to:

Join Travel Philippines

Mount Apo

During the festive season just past I had the chance to join travel Philippines to Davao and explore some of the recently opened outdoor sports facilities. My purpose was to investigate the re-opening of the hiking trails on Mount Apo (the Philippines’ highest peak) later in the New Year. The hiking trails were all closed, in March 2016, following the huge fire, believed started by hikers, that severely damaged the rain forest and brush on the slopes of the Nature Reserve that encompasses Mount Apo’s peak – one of the last refuges of the Philippine Eagle

A new white water rafting company has opened for business in Davao to compete with the long time white water rafting company operated by the Crocodile Farm. The new outfit is located downtown and offers a slightly longer run along the same river. According to the outfit’s boss, Jack Berdos, the main difference is that they aim to offer the same excitement but packed into a half-day adventure, giving people more time to explore other attractions around Davao City.

Jack also reported that kayaking and dragon boat racing are new and growing sports in the Davao Region. Competitive dragon boat racing is in the ascendant by virtue of five dragon boat racing clubs competing within Mindanao. For kayaking, there is expectation of a regular around-Samal-Island adventure. Jack promised to send details but none received as at press time.

A short ferry ride took us over on Samal Island. We went there specifically to visit the Holy Name School who have taken the new Department Of Education guidelines on board and added Vocational Training in Tourism as a main theme for one of their grade 11-12 courses. Talking to the President of the Holy Name School Foundation, Ms. Maricar Cervantes, we gathered that her motivation was to supply all of the staffing needs of the burgeoning Samal Island tourism market sector for the next decade and beyond. Up to now, Samal Island has had to “import” staff from elsewhere around the Davao Region because the island has previously had no certified Hotel & Restaurant Management training facility. To meet the demand, the Holy Name School plans to offer training in such disciplines as: tour guiding, sports instruction (sailing, kayaking and scuba diving), food & beverage and housekeeping.

We also re-visited the Holiday Oceanview Marina, located on the northern tip of Samal Island, to see how the marina has grown in use and facilities since we were last there a few of years ago. When we first visited the marina only one of the 60 pontoon berths was occupied but now nearly half of the berths are full. Also, there is now a substantial (and almost full) hardstand facility for long-term boat storage. Under construction was an 18-room resort hotel (anticipated completion 2018) with swimming pool, restaurant and beach front. Since we were last there, the facility now offers a cafeteria of sorts, with refrigerators packed full of soft-drinks and cold beers – prices are rock bottom and an honor-system is in place to reduce the staffing and cash-handling needs. The whole facility is overseen on a day-to-day basis by the delightful Ms. Ruth Taclob.

If you want to find out more about joining travel in Davao then who better to contact than the tour organizers at:


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