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Skydiving – 1st Annual Philippines Phun Phestival 

Photograph:Tandem Skydiving Subic Bay Philippines
Image courtesy Adrenoline Island Adventures

The 1st Annual Philippines Phun Phestival is about to take off in Subic Bay. Spanning three weeks it is an extravagant festival of sports – from the highest to the lowest. The big attraction is skydiving, offering the perceptibly safer (for beginners) tandem-skydiving opportunity over Subic Bay International Airport. According to the organisers they have invited a host of famous names to jump with them and many have accepted the invitation.

The Philippines Phun Phestival event will encompass not only skydiving but also: parasailing, jet skiing, kite boarding (kite surfing), para-ascension and scuba diving. Pretty much everything in fact that you could possibly do to pump the adrenaline.

The event is organized by Adrenoline Island Adventure in conjunction with Kokomos Beach Resort and Treasure Island Beach Resort. The Philippines Phun Phestival runs from the 6th November to 28th November. Tandem skydiving days are November 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 18, and 19. For the modest sum of Php12,000 you can jump out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft and feel the rush as the ground approaches. You can get discounts if you bring your friends, and if there are ten of you then you jump for free.

The Philippines Phun Phestival is quite unlike anything else that has been organized in the country and is designed to satisfy the adrenaline junkies who would normally travel abroad to get their fix, and to entice those who do not yet know that they need a fix.

During the Phun Phestival skydiving, it is hoped to match a tandem skydiving World record for the youngest jumper – a 3 year-old has volunteered to jump with his father – proving that age is no barrier to a thirst for experience.

GetWet will be there to report and if we can find nine other people to go with us we hope to jump for free. So please sign up with Adrenoline Island today and tell them you are there because of GetWet.


Contact information: Philippines Phun Phestival

The nearest webcams to the Phun Phestival are:
–    Lighthouse Marina Resort Hotel, Subic Bay webcam
–    Broadwater Marine, Subic Bay webcam

Adrenoline Island Adventures Baloy Beach, Subic Bay


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