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Kayak Explore Anvaya Cove-Zambales 2011 

Image: Kayak Explore Anvaya Cove Philippines
Image courtesy Kayak Philippines

For the second year running the Anvaya Cove Resort and Nature Club will be hosting the start of the Kayak Explore Anvaya Cove-Zambales event. This is the first kayaking event of 2011 in the Kayak Philippines Series, and it is set to be bigger and more engaging than its well attended predecessor in 2010.

In 2011, Kayak Explore Anvaya Cove-Zambales will take paddlers from the almost pristine Anvaya Cove residential resort development, at the southern extremity of Subic Bay Freeport, across the mouth of Subic Bay and into the potentially wilder waters along the Zambales coast – in June the waters off Subic Bay and Zambales will be either, glassy smooth or, whipped into a frenzy by the start of the habagat (southwest monsoon).

Kayak Explore Anvaya Cove-Zambales splashes off from Anvaya Cove beach at 06:30 hrs on 4th June, 2011. During the day there will be a full 32km Anvaya Cove to Silangin Kayak Marathon, a 5km Novice race, plus a Crazy 8s Fun Slalom. Other events include a Galunggong Fest, a Barrio Fiesta Awards Night and you can be sure there will be some environmental preservation educational experiences in the mix of activities. That’s a lot of fun for Php1,200 per person!

Before any fun stuff, there will be a kayaking clinic to assist novices in learning how to have fun in a kayak, without straining too many muscles. To have fun kayaking aboard sit-on-top ocean kayaks you should not need to strain . . . you should instead imbibe a little Zen. The correct paddling motion is a rhythm that, once embraced, will propel you forward at your own chosen speed, towards your chosen destination.

The organizers of the Kayak Philippines Series also promote the sale of ocean kayaks to enthusiasts, and well before the Kayak Explore Anvaya Cove-Zambales event kicks off you can purchase a brand-new kayak from them, practice the Zen and then bring the boat along with you.

This Kayak Philippines Series event is not just about kayaking: it is as much about environmental preservation and education for a sustainable future. The organizers hope that the challenge, fun, camaraderie, advocacy, safety and environmental standards of the Philippine Kayaking Series will encourage more kayakers and eco-friendly activities & destinations in the future.

Anvaya Cove, one of Ayala Land’s premiere housing developments, has long billed itself as a eco-friendly investment opportunity, although its suggestions of sustainable development completely ignore the fact that, marketing primarily to those with more cash than they need, to encourage them to acquire a second (or third) home, built in one of the last pristine, rainforested valleys in the western Philippines, has less to do with with sustainability and has more to do with profitability. Nevertheless, Anvaya Cove’s support of the Kayak Explore events is testament to the publicly-stated objectives of the developer.

Some would argue that the need for a second-home is highly questionable – when so many have no first-home – and that the need to exploit a pristine area of rainforest for the purpose, stretches the bounds of moral and ethical acceptability even further. If there is a positive side to the Anvaya Cove development it is in the irony that, now the trees are cut, its continued existence does go some way to support President Aquino’s Executive Order 23, signed on 1st February, 2011, requiring a total logging ban in natural and residual forests, such as those where Anvaya Cove is located – without the controlled access to the Anvaya Cove development there is a high probably that illegal logging would have ravaged the area, as evidenced by recent seizures of illegally logged timber from within the Subic Bay Freeport and adjacent areas in Bataan.

Whatever your advocacy, if you are serious about making eco-friendly sports activities successful then Kayak Explore Anvaya Cove-Zambales is one event in 2011 that you should attend. GetWet plans to be there.


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