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Jazzistas De Davao At Bogser’s By The Sea Times Beach 

Photograph Jazzistas De Davao
Image courtesy Girlie Cervantes

Jazzistas De Davao will provide the jazziest part of Davao’s Kadayawan Cultural Festival when it launches its 1st Jazzistas De Davao Jazz Festival later this month, at Bogser’s By The Sea. Bogser’s By The Sea is a seafood restaurant, featuring the Tiki Bar, located along Times Beach, not so far from the sprawling SM Mall Davao City.

Jazzistas De Davao is an organization based on a membership framework whose objective is the promotion, education, presentation & preservation of jazz & related art forms. One of its goals is to be a proponent in helping all budding artists to be providers – showcasing their individual art form, talent, skill and making a living from it.

Part of a plan is to establish a business relationship between the artists and music venue owners wherein a mutual benefit system is created, such that performing artists to earn a dependable income while the music venue owners can afford entertainment that will attract more customers. Jazz lovers, will enjoy the abundance of live entertainment; Jazzistas De Davao members will also enjoy privilege pricing on consumables & accommodation.

Jazzistas De Davao comprises art lovers, jazz enthusiasts, performing jazz artists, business leaders, music & arts venue owners, restaurants, hotels & resorts, administrators and volunteers.

Jazz and other artworks will be performed and displayed at existing Jazz, R&B and Rock bars around the Davao City plus, at resorts & hotels, concert halls, parks and private venues; additional performances and promotions will be through music videos, film, commercial jingles and competitions

A jazz practice & recording studio is available complete with equipment and study materials so that student artists can advance their studies through workshops and private tutorial. If you are an aspiring jazz musician or lyric writer with a burning desire but with few resources then Jazzistas De Davao is there to help. Future plans will expand the educational opportunities to embrace other art forms as well.

It goes without saying that the best way to promote live music is to bring the artists together with prospective venues, to find a happy marriage of artist-availability and income generating opportunity. Jazzistas De Davao expects its musicians network to bring together not only local but also national & international, artists and venues in a profit sharing system that will feed all parties.

The biggest barrier for most venues engaging musicians and artists for performances is the cost of engagement prior to income earned. Jazzistas De Davao’s unique profit sharing concept is formulated such that a venue will be able to engage the freshest artistic talent and finance the engagement out of income earned from daily sales revenues. Win-win-win: audiences get the freshest and the best; artists get to develop their talents and eat; and, venues expand their appeal without breaking the bank.

Jazzistas De Davao will be launching its 1st Jazz Festival project at Bogser’s By The Sea on 20th – 21st August, coincident with the climax of Davao City’s Kadayawan Cultural Festival. Participants performing live will include: local jazz musicians, Times Beach Youth Dancers, fire dancers, tattoo artists, caricature & paint artists, magicians, live DJs. Along Times Beach will also be arts & crafts booths and other assorted flea-market stalls.

This event is designed to entertain the full spectrum of peoples & cultures, from: loal community members, artists, performers, families, media, business leaders, elected officials, foreign & local tourist. If you are planning to visit Davao City for the annual Kadayawan Cultural Festival then don’t miss the 1st Jazzistas De Davao Jazz Festival at Bogser’s By The Sea and other participating business outlets, along Times Beach.

As event organizer Bogs Serrano said, “We are expecting quite a crowd for this event since it’s free and open to all”

To get to Davao City all the domestic Philippine airlines fly direct to Davao International Airport, more than once every day, from Manila airport (NAIA); and some fly daily from Cebu airport (Mactan). Times Beach is close to SM Mall Davao City, about a 30-minute taxt ride from the airport.


Bogser’s By The Sea website


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