Information About ‘Jazzistas De Davao’ in The Philippines

Jazzistas De Davao At Bogser’s By The Sea Times Beach

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
Photograph Jazzistas De Davao
Image courtesy Girlie Cervantes

Jazzistas De Davao will provide the jazziest part of Davao's Kadayawan Cultural Festival when it launches its 1st Jazzistas De Davao Jazz Festival later this month, at Bogser's By The Sea. Bogser's By The Sea is a seafood restaurant, featuring the Tiki Bar, located along Times Beach, not so far from the sprawling SM Mall Davao City.

Jazzistas De Davao is an organization based on a membership framework whose objective is the promotion, education, presentation & preservation of jazz & related art forms. One of its goals is to be a proponent in helping all budding artists to be providers - showcasing their individual art form, talent, skill and making a living from it.