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Family Boat Building Weekend 2017 – Samal Island

Image courtesy: PHBYC

Want to build you own boat and learn to sail it? All in one weekend? Now you can . . .

The Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club (“PHBYC”) has announced the Family Boat Building Weekend 2017, to take place during the Philippine Independence Day holiday weekend, from 10-12 June.

What better way to celebrate your independence than by building your own boat, for less than the cost of an iPhone, that will take you and your family wherever your fancy takes you.

If you want to join the Family Boat Building Weekend and build your own boat, and become one of the founders of the soon to be established Samal sailing club, then contact MarB Concepts Event Organizers today: email or call +63 939 934-8728

boatbuilding weekend Samal 2017

Following on from previous events, held in Taal Lake (Batangas) and Mactan Island (Cebu), this year the venue for the 2017 Family Boat Building Weekend will be the beach front at the Monfort Bat Sanctuary on Samal Island. The project is organized locally by MarB Concepts Event Organizers, of Davao City, in conjunction with the Holy Name School Foundation.

The venue has been chosen because it provides easy access for families and local groups from Davao City and the entire Davao Region. Additionally, the Holy Name School is in the final stages of setting up a sailing school within the bat sanctuary grounds, along with a snorkeling, dragon boat and stand-up paddleboard training centre. The end game will be the establishment of a competency based, educational centre for all water sports, in support of the burgeoning tourism industry that is finally taking notice of the outstanding beauty and natural resources of Samal Island.

The challenge, according to Holy Name School Foundation President, Ms. Maricar Cervantes, is that: “Samal currently has no centre for training water sports specialists to meet the tourism industry needs nor does it have a training centre for hospitality services.

“The result is that all resort and hotel staff must be imported from outside . . . we plan to meet the challenge by providing qualified local staff and generating specialist employment opportunities for Samal people in Samal”.

A win-win will also be found with the Family Boat Building Weekend. The PHBYC provide the logistics and the equipment, Holy Name School provide the preparation space, MarB Concepts provide the local interface, to ensure that ten boats will be completed and sailed by ten families and local groups within the single weekend.

The Monfort Bat Sanctuary is a near perfect venue because it has the beach, fronting the predictable waters of the Davao Gulf, and is just a few hundred metres from the famed Vanishing Island, that sits between Samal Island and Davao City. Perfect for your first sailing experience and perfect for future competitive racing events.

But what about the bats?

The Monfort Bat Sanctuary is listed in the Guinness World Records for being the largest roost of a single fruit bat specie anywhere on the planet. More than 2 million Geoffrey’s Rousette fruit bats are resident here in a single cave system. Every evening at dusk the bats fly out to forage in the forests and plantations around the Davao Region.

The bats will not be impacted by the Family Boat Building Weekend event taking place as their cave system lies a couple of hundred metres inland from the beach area. What will happen though is that everyone attending the event will witness the evening flight of 2 million bats overhead.

boatbuilding weekend Samal 2017

By the end of the third day, all ten groups will have completed their boats and will be able to sail them around the Vanishing Island while the bats head out for their evening hunt for Davao’s famed fruits. Spectacle upon spectacle, the Family Boat Building Weekend in Samal Island will be the start of a long and fruitful partnership between nature and the World’s most loved environmentally friendly sport: the sport of sailing.

To participate in the Family Boatbuilding Weekend 2017 in Samal contact MarB Concepts Event Organizers today: email or call +63 939 934-8728


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For more information about building your own boat somewhere else visit: Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club website


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