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The Smallest Island In The World 

Smallest Island In The World
Photo by Bernadette Villaluz

Do you know where the smallest island in the World is located? GetWet found this island off the coast of Mindoro, just a few minutes out of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, with deep water all around, and believes it is the smallest island in the Philippines if not the World.

Traditionally, the smallest Island in the World has been the Bishop Rock atop which sits the Bishop Rock Lighthouse, off the coast of Cornwall in southwest England. But from this picture of the island off San Jose it is plain to see that it is smaller than Bishop Rock, with room only for a family of four and their banka boat.

But what constitutes an “island”? The dictionary definition of an island, whilst appearing to be all encompassing, is actually lacking in one key area – does an “island” require land (thus providing a space for plants to grow) or, does it simply require something solid, above the water, at its centre, e.g. a rock as opposed to simply an accumulation of sand (usually referred to as an “islet”) or, something else?

If a place for plants to grow is required then clearly Bishop Rock does not qualify (neither does our Philippine candidate) but if it requires only something solid then this Philippine island is demonstrably solid at its center and definitely the smaller.

If you have a photograph of a better candidate for the smallest island in the World, then please email it to GetWet Philippines and provide the GPS location for verification, we will publish all other serious candidates on the website and in future GetWet issues.

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