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Taal Lake Now On The Internet: Webcam

Taal Lake Yacht Club Webcam Taal Volcano
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Taal Lake is now on the Internet with its own webcam.

Last year we introduced you to – a free travel services website that provides real-time advertising and promotion for tourist destinations around Asia. Yesterday announced the installation of their latest IP camera (webcam) in the grounds of the Taal Lake Yacht Club, Taal Lake, Batangas.

The view from the Taal Lake webcam shows the northwest vent of Taal volcano, the one that most people assume (incorrectly) is the main crater of Taal volcano, and the volcano tours boats of the Taal Lake Yacht Club . . . ready in waiting to take tourists on volcano tours.

Taal Lake has always been a favourite destination for day-trippers from Manila because it is only a 90-minute drive South from Metro Manila. Many people stop at Tagaytay Ridge and never get down to Taal Lake because they do not know what to expect. With the installation of this IP camera at the Taal Lake Yacht Club it is hoped that many more will take the scenic drive down from Tagaytay Ridge and enjoy the boat ride across to Taal volcano, and go hiking around the various volcano trails.

Taal Lake is a great watersports and adventure sports playground, offering: sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, kiteboarding and water-skiing, plus hiking and trekking around Taal volcano. You can even try your hand at fishing in Taal Lake, but don’t expect to find any sharks – the last time a shark was reported in Taal Lake was way back in 1977. The Taal Lake Yacht Club is a great place to start your Taal Lake adventure, with volcano tours starting at only Php360 per person (for a group of five). separately announced that their first IP camera (webcam) installation in Hong Kong took place a couple of weeks ago, at Mui Wo, Silvermine Bay, Lantau Island in Hong Kong. This installation in Hong Kong marks their first IP camera installation outside of the Philippines; it is expected that more will follow in Hong Kong shortly.


Taal Lake Yacht Club webcam

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Mui Wo, Silvermine Bay, Lantau Island webcam website

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