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How To Fly To Philippines: 5 Easy Steps 

Photo by: John Smart

How to fly to El Nido from Honolulu or, from Sydney or, even from Davao? Which airlines to contact?

Claiming a World First, and definitely a first and only in the Philippines, the website provides the answers to all such questions in five easy steps.

All Sports Philippines website is specifically designed to help tourists, looking to engage in outdoor sports and activities, to find out how to get to their favored destination . . . in five easy steps. Try it now, go to

5 Easy Steps

Here are the five easy steps . . .

Select A Sport

Use the sliding menu at the top of the home page to select the sport of your choice:

sport selection

Select A Location

Mouse-over the list of location names on the left column and select the location you want to visit for the sport of your choice (notice how the location dots on the map “light-up” when you mouse-over the location name in the menu list):

sport selection

Select Nearest Aiport

When the sports page opens for the location you have selected then click/press on the “More About” (the location) in the menu list and then select “See Nearest Aiport” (sometimes there is an Alternate Airport listed, if the services to the nearest airport are limited):

sport selection

Select From Airport

Beneath the Philippine airports map select your “From” airport (international airports are in the second half of the list) and click/press “Show Route”. You will see the shortest route marked on the map (sometimes multiple routes shown if there are realistic options) and you will find the route and airline options listed below the map:

sport selection

Select Your Airline(s)

Below the map are listed the airlines that can fly you to your chosen Philippine destination. Click/Press the airline logo to connect directly to the airlines’ booking service:

sport selection

It is that easy!

Download the .pdf of this five step guide

The All Sports Philippines airline database is updated every month, because fights to Philippines destinations may vary in availability throughout the year. So you can be sure that the information is at least as current as at the 1st of each month.

New airlines and new routes are being added all the time so, if your chosen destination has no convenient airports today then tomorrow it may have. The best policy is to bookmark the website and always use it to check the best airline routes, before you waste hours on-hold waiting for the wrong airline.

For Tour Operators

Use the same application but have the flexibility of selecting both “To” and “From” airports by using the hyperlink below. The hyperlink gives you the flexibility to select both the fly “To” and “From” airport locations with all the same information displayed.

Use this hyperlink (it is free!): How To Fly To in the Philippines

Plug-in For Website Developers

The All Sports Philippines airline route map application is available as a plug-in for your website. If you want to impress your website visitors and provide them with the very latest information about which airlines will get then to your door fastest, then avail of the Philippines airline RouteFinder application.

For more information: contact All Sports Philippines today.


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