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4th Mindanao Caving Forum – Laak, Comval Province

Okbot Cave Kapalong Davao Del Norte
Photo courtesy Davao Speleological & Conservation Society

The 4th Mindanao Caving Forum will be held at the Laak Camp site Comval Province, North of Davao, from 1st to 5th October, 2009. This is a new GetWet sport and a must for caving enthusiasts.

During the event you will: discuss caving in the Philippines in general and caving in Mindanao specifically; learn about the cave complexes around Laak; go caving through the Bongloy Cave & Vertical Cave, Anislag Cave 1 & Anislag Cave 2 and the Andap Cave System.

All this for the princely sum of Php600 . . of course you have to bring your own caving gear and camping equipment. Most especially, if you want to go caving, you MUST bring a caving helmet of skull guard – no helmet, no caving.

Full information including contact details can be downloaded using this link: 4th Mindanao Caving Forum

The photograph that accompanies this news item was taken at the Okbot Cave, Suaon Nature’s Park, Suaon, Kapalong, Davao del Norte, not far from Laak. Other caving locations in the vicinity include the beautiful New Corella Cave. GetWet Philippines will bring you more caving events very soon.


4th Mindanao Caving Forum event details

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