Information About ‘Puerto Galera Yacht Club’ in The Philippines

All Souls Regatta To Break Yachting Records In 2013

Sunday, September 8th, 2013
Image: Terry Duckham

The international All Souls Regatta is now in its 10th year and is set to break all records for the numbers of yachts and sailors gathered for any one sailing event in the Philippines. More than 30 boats are expected to compete in Puerto Galera during the three-day 10th All Souls Regatta.


Philippine Sailors Top 10 In The Mirror Worlds 2013

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013
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Yesterday, after eleven races, held over five days in the sometimes choppy waters off the Lough Derg Yacht Club, in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, Philippine sailors from Puerto Galera and Manila finished 8th and 5th respectively in the Mirror Worlds 2013. The fleet of 91, two-person, Mirror sailing dinghies represented the best of the best, from seven nations, in the biennial Mirror Worlds championship regatta. This is the second time that Philippine sailors have finished in the top 10 in the Mirror Worlds.


Chinese New Year Regatta Puerto Galera 2013

Thursday, December 27th, 2012
Image Courtesy: Girlie Cervantes

For the first time in the club's history, the Puerto Galera Yacht Club will host a Chinese New Year sailing regatta with courses set across the Verde Island Passage. This new sailing event is designed to provide an alternative for both local and international yachtswo/men who would like to enjoy their vacation while sailing in the warm spring breezes along the Verde Island Passage, instead of in February's frigid waters around Hong Kong.

One of the challenges with gaining support from yacht and crews from outside the Philippines is the three to four day sail required to get here from Borneo, Taiwan or Hong Kong (longer from Singapore and Malaysia). In order to allow more sailors to join in the fun, local yacht owners are being encouraged to offer their boats for use during the Chinese New Year Regatta. This will be a first in the Philippines and, if it proves successful, will be repeated for other events in Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera Yacht Club Easter Regatta 2011

Sunday, March 20th, 2011
Image: Sailing yachts Puerto Galera Philippines
Image courtesy John Smart

The Puerto Galera Yacht Club Easter Regatta is one of the great traditions of Philippine sailing. For more than twenty years, sailing yachts have been celebrating the natural beauty and breezes of Puerto Galera and the Verde Island Passage, and gatherings of up to twenty boats enjoy an Easter weekend of awfully civilized sailing and parties.

In 2011 the PGYC Easter Regatta will also feature a two-day, competitive dinghy sailing event, concurrent with the three-day, yacht racing event. Dinghy sailors will have a choice of two-person Lawin dinghies and the single-seat Optimist dinghies.

New Cruising Yacht Race Series Puerto Galera 2011

Friday, December 10th, 2010
Photograph: Cruising Yacht
Image courtesy Martyn Willes

The Puerto Galera Yacht Club (the Cruising Yacht Club of the Philippines) has announced the first of a new Cruising Yacht Race Series aimed at stimulating more, competitive sailing in the Philippines. The new Cruising Yacht Race Series will comprise twelve nominated races throughout the year, with the best seven results counting towards the overall championship (Did Not Start a race can be a discarded result).

Designed primarily to attract all those who enjoy "cruising with intent" but who are not equipped with high-tech racing sails and fanatical crew, the Cruising Yacht Race Series will follow the pursuit-racing rules format that has made the Puerto Galera Yacht Club famous around Asia for fun racing.

All Souls Regatta Puerto Galera 2010

Friday, July 30th, 2010
Photograph: All Souls Regatta 2010 Puerto Galera Philippines
Image courtesy Martyn Willes

The All Souls Regatta 2010 in Puerto Galera will be the largest All Souls Regatta yet organized, the news that the Philippine Hobie 16 fleet (from Taal Lake Yacht Club) will be joining the racing & cruising keelboats and multihulls is a guarantee of extra color and fun during this legendary sailing event.

The All Souls Regatta was first held in Puerto Galera, in 2004. It was specifically designed to be the first sailing regatta of each Philippine racing season. The Philippine racing season starts with the arrival of the drier northeast monsoon in October and runs until the following May, when the wetter southwest monsoon blows in . . . competitive sailing still continues throughout the year around the Philippines but the southwest monsoon weather keeps some of the less hardy sailors at home.

2010 Puerto Galera Yacht Club Easter Regatta vs. America’s Cup 2010

Thursday, February 25th, 2010
2010 Puerto Galera Yacht Club Easter Regatta Philippines vs. America's Cup 2010 Valencia Spain
Image courtesy Asiapix

Ever since the Puerto Galera Yacht Club was founded, in 1991, there has been an Easter Regatta held every year whereas the America's Cup is only held once the current America's Cup holder has deigned to offer it up for competition.

The PGYC Easter Regatta is unique in that it actually extols the virtues of the sport of sailing and leaves hundreds of sailors and as many spectators wishing the America's Cup could be so friendly and civilised. Unlike the America's Cup, where every recent event has featured lengthy and costly court cases, the Puerto Galera Yacht Club Easter Regatta in 2010 will be no different from last year except it will mark the event's 20th anniversary,making it even more fun.

Puerto Galera Yacht Club Lawin Regatta 2009

Friday, September 18th, 2009
Puerto Galera Yacht Club Lawin Regatta 2009 Philippines
Photo courtesy Peter Stevens

The Lawin Regatta 2009 at the Puerto Galera Yacht Club on 31st October and 1st November, 2009, is the best fun kids and kids-at-heart can have in a sailing dinghy. Organized in conjunction with the Royal Heavylift All Souls Regatta, the Lawin Regatta is for two-person dinghy enthusiasts who want to test their mettle against the creme-de-la-creme of Puerto Galera's past and present sailing champions.

The Lawin sailing dinghy is built in Puerto Galera to a secret design that has a striking resemblance to the famous European, Mirror dinghy, except that the Puerto Galera Lawin sailing dinghy is virtually coral-reef-proof and far more comfortable on one's posterior.