Information About ‘PGYC Easter Regatta’ in The Philippines

Puerto Galera Yacht Club Easter Regatta 2011

Sunday, March 20th, 2011
Image: Sailing yachts Puerto Galera Philippines
Image courtesy John Smart

The Puerto Galera Yacht Club Easter Regatta is one of the great traditions of Philippine sailing. For more than twenty years, sailing yachts have been celebrating the natural beauty and breezes of Puerto Galera and the Verde Island Passage, and gatherings of up to twenty boats enjoy an Easter weekend of awfully civilized sailing and parties.

In 2011 the PGYC Easter Regatta will also feature a two-day, competitive dinghy sailing event, concurrent with the three-day, yacht racing event. Dinghy sailors will have a choice of two-person Lawin dinghies and the single-seat Optimist dinghies.

2010 Puerto Galera Yacht Club Easter Regatta vs. America’s Cup 2010

Thursday, February 25th, 2010
2010 Puerto Galera Yacht Club Easter Regatta Philippines vs. America's Cup 2010 Valencia Spain
Image courtesy Asiapix

Ever since the Puerto Galera Yacht Club was founded, in 1991, there has been an Easter Regatta held every year whereas the America's Cup is only held once the current America's Cup holder has deigned to offer it up for competition.

The PGYC Easter Regatta is unique in that it actually extols the virtues of the sport of sailing and leaves hundreds of sailors and as many spectators wishing the America's Cup could be so friendly and civilised. Unlike the America's Cup, where every recent event has featured lengthy and costly court cases, the Puerto Galera Yacht Club Easter Regatta in 2010 will be no different from last year except it will mark the event's 20th anniversary,making it even more fun.