Information About ‘Pasig River’ in The Philippines

Moonlight Rowing The Pasig River On Obscura Day 2011

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011
Image: Rowing on the Pasig River
Image courtesy Max Makowski

The Manila Boat Club – The Philippines' oldest water sports club - will offer eight people the chance to go moonlight rowing on the Pasig River in support of Obscura Day – a somewhat obscure day of international participation where people offer insights into the World's local wonders, curiosities and esoterica.

Moonlight rowing on the Pasig River is your chance to obtain a visual perspective on Manila that very few people know exists. It is a most striking experience to travel through one of the busiest and noisiest cities in the World, yet hear only the sounds of lapping water, children laughing on the banks nearby and the occasional evening stroller throwing you their "hello".

Manila Boat Club (Rowing) Opens Its Doors

Sunday, December 6th, 2009
Manila Boat Club Open Day 2January 010 for Rowing and Squash
Photo courtesy Martyn Willes

The Manila Boat Club (the Philippine rowing club) opens it doors to all in January and offers indulgence in a fascinating piece of history on the banks of the largely misunderstood Pasig River.

The Manila Boat Club is the oldest sports club in the Philippines. Originally an integral part of the Manila Club, the Manila Boat Club was formed in 1895 when the Manila Club relocated inland from their former Manila Bay-front location and left the rowing section high-and-dry. The Manila Boat Club finally found a permanent home in the Santa Ana District of Manila City, on the Pasig River, in 1932.