Information About ‘Negros’ in The Philippines

Moby Dick & Whale Watching Philippines

Sunday, November 29th, 2015
Image courtesy: Jotay Resort

Moby Dick - the great white whale of novel and legend - you may not find here, but for sure those who voyage the waters of the Babuyan Channel, from Pagudpud to Santa Ana, Cagayan, will witness the passage of many a large Cetacea (family of whales, dolphins & porpoises) during this Winter season (January to April), including the iconic humpback whale.

Support The Negros ev Rally 2013 Philippines

Monday, June 18th, 2012
Image By Domenick Yoney used without permission

Next year, Negros Island could be home to the first biennial electric vehicle road rally in Asia (if you exclude the famous World Solar Challenge in Australia). Why Negros? Because all of its power comes from renewable sources and is virtually free.

Negros derives its electricity from geothermal sources, deep beneath its rainforested interior. Thanks to initiatives of the previous administration, in the funding of modern road infrastructure, Negros also has some of the most underutilized roads in the Philippines. This unique combination of almost free electricity and underutilized roads has inadvertently created the ideal conditions and location for the World's first electric vehicle road rally. And in my opinion there are few better places to showcase environmentally friendly road vehicles than on an island where there is no pollution from coal, oil or gas powered electricity generating plants.