Information About ‘Marinduque’ in The Philippines

Freediving Philippines: Sailing Cruise #2

Thursday, April 14th, 2016
Image courtesy: Juliet Solar

Another sailing cruise aboard S/Y Naya

What sets a Freediving Sailing Cruise in the Philippines apart from almost all other South East Asian countries is the tectonic jousts that happen almost daily between the “plates” that cover our Planet’s mantle. The result is that many of the island groups are separated by deep, sometimes very deep, stretches of water, close to shore. Perfect for a Sailing Cruise adventure for freedivers.

Freedivers are different, and on a sailing cruise very different from the other friends we have taken thus far. It is not just that freedivers carry no weighty scuba gear and tanks of compressed air (or more exotic mixes of gases), it is that their perspective on a “dive” is typically more about self-awareness than embracing the stunning filaments of Mother Nature’s creation beneath the waves.

A Philippine Ferry No Longer A Disaster

Sunday, March 16th, 2014
Photo by: Girlie Cervantes

If you have ever traveled on a Philippine inter-island ferry then you will know that the toilets (vernacular: “Comfort Rooms”) are the last consideration for passenger comfort and are frequently a disaster area: smelly, often with broken cisterns and frequently with no running water or drainage, the complaints have mounted and mounted, especially for Montenegro Lines . . . because Montenegro have reportedly long maintained a strangle-hold on routes to the most beautiful parts of the archipelago. We have found an alternative and, everyone who is compelled to travel by ferry, should take note.


Journey / Travel To The Heart (of the Philippines)

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
Photo by: John Smart

Travel to the Heart (of the Philippines) is a journey to the center of the Philippine archipelago, designed to provide a five day showcase of the beauty, diversity and culture of the islands. In just five days you will discover how life on the islands flourished for thousands of years, how the gentle, fun-loving island peoples lived amidst lands and seas so bountiful (and you will also discover how modern Man unchecked, can destroy such bounty). Join the tour, visit Marinduque, Sibuyan, Bulalacao and Maestro de Campo now.