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Sea-Expo 2011 / Philippine Boat Show Mall Of Asia

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
Image: Jet Skis Sea-Expo 2010 Philippine Boat Show
Image courtesy Broadwater Marine

Sea-Expo 2011 - the largest public exhibition promoting nautical lifestyle in the Philippines – will open its doors on 1st through 3rd April at One Esplanade, Mall Of Asia. Also dubbed the “Philippine Boat Show”, Sea-Ex 2011 is a showcase for national and international manufacturers of yachts, boats, water sports equipment and nautical lifestyle accessories.

Now in its third year, and growing in leaps and bounds in terms of both exhibitor and visitor participation, the Sea-Expo 2011 / Philippine Boat Show is without question the best nautical lifestyle event in the Philippines to educate the Philippines' burgeoning water sports community and to provide networking opportunities for buyers, distributors and suppliers.

Philippine Boat Show Sea-Expo 2010 (4) Lose Weight Scuba Diving

Monday, January 18th, 2010
Aqualung Zuma BCD Philippine Boat Show 2010 Sea-Expo Lose Weight Scuba Diving
Photo courtesy Aquaventure Whitetip Dive Supply

The Philippine Boat Show Sea-Expo 2010 is not just about boats, nor is it simply a nautical lifestyle event. The Philippine Boat Show Sea-Expo 2010 is also about introducing the latest trends and technology that make life wearable.

To lose weight is a goal of millions who want to get into the wearable lifestyle but only now is it something applicable to scuba diving. Last week GetWet spoke to Aquaventure Whitetip Dive Supply, at their Manila headquarters, to discover what was new in scuba diving in 2010,and some of the new is very surprising.

Philippine Boat Show 2010 – Sea-Expo (1)

Monday, November 9th, 2009
Philippine Boat Show 2010 Sea Expo'10
Photo courtesy Bernadette Villaluz

Philippine Boat Show 2010 - Sea-Expo'10 - (19-21 March, 2010) is organized by the Rogue Magazine and marine enthusiasts. The Boat Show aims to be the ultimate water sports lifestyle event in the Philippines. The Philippine Boat Show 2010 - Sea Expo is the only venue in the Philippines where you can see all of the manufacturers & distributors of marine equipment displaying their wares in one place at one time. It is also the best place to learn how to enjoy the water sports lifestyle.

Last year One Esplanade, beside the Mall Of Asia on Manila Bay, was overflowing with new boats, marine equipment & water toys, and it already looks as though the Philippine Boat Show 2010 will be as much as twice the size in terms of exhibitors and space.