Information About ‘eco-tourism’ in The Philippines

Rape & Opportunity In Surigao del Norte

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012
Image By Girlie Cervantes

I recently visited Surigao del Norte to report on tourism activities there, with a special focus on water sports. I found plenty of water sports and many new ventures in the pipeline. But what really took my breath away was the rape of Surigao over the past five years in the quest for easy money.

Jake Miranda, local hotelier and scuba diving fanatic, described Surigao del Norte as “presently suffering an identity crisis”: does it want to continue to be rapped by the global mining industry or does it want to embrace eco and adventure tourism. It cannot happily

New Ecosports Store Opens In Puerto Galera

Monday, April 18th, 2011
Image: Ecosports Store Opens In Puerto Galera
Image courtesy Martyn Willes

This week the Big Apple Dive Resort opened an eco-sports store on Muelle Pier, from where they plan to launch a series of eco-tours around Puerto Galera – using mountain bikes, kayaks and "anything that does not require an engine".

The Big Apple Cafe Ecosports outlet will also sell mountain bikes, kayaks, scuba diving gear and anything else that might assist the eco-tourist with eco-adventures in and around the Philippines' only accredited "most beautiful bay in the World".

What gives something the right to have the prefix "eco

Cruising Yacht Rally Sail BIMP-EAGA Sailing Around Equator Asia

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
Cruising Yacht Rally Sail BIMP-EAGA Sailing Around Equator Asia
Photo courtesy Joanne Booker - S/Y Pied A Mer

A long awaited cruising yacht rally, that aims to span BIMP-EAGA and the newly defined Equator Asia, was disclosed during a meeting in Davao City on Saturday, 13th March, when BIMP-EAGA members met at the Apo View Hotel in downtown Davao City.

The main impetus to this series of BIMP-EAGA tourism sailing events was an impromptu yacht rally, where cruising yachts sailed from Borneo to Palawan, during February and March, 2010. A series of sailing events now follow, aiming to bring groups of up to 15 cruising yachts at a time, under sail, from their traditional watering-holes in Thailand and Peninsula Malaysia, to Au