Information About ‘Deca Wake Park’ in The Philippines

Bohol Wakefest 2012 – Philippine Wakeboarding Month

Thursday, April 26th, 2012
Image courtesy The Board Shop

The beautiful Pandanon Island will be the venue for Bohol Wakefest 2012 – a month long wakeboarding and wakeskating festival for everyone interested to get into the sport of boarding in the Philippines. Bohol Wakefest 2012 also includes a two–day Wake Jam. The Wake Jam is where invited, top–class wakeboarders and wakeskaters, from all over Asia and the Philippines, will be demonstrating their skills and performing some astonishing tricks, for the entertainment of spectators and to motivate local enthusiasts to excel.

The Bohol Wakefest 2012 is enabled by a new, straight–line wakeboard cable system (Sesitec System 2.0), which is a mobile wakeboard and wakeskate facility that could be located across almost any short stretch of river, lake or bay.