Information About ‘Cagayan’ in The Philippines

New Yacht Club Philippines: Santa Ana, Cagayan

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
Image courtesy Girlie Cervantes

It is not often that a new yacht club opens in Asia, even less often that one opens in the Philippines. The Santa Ana Yacht Club has this month announced its opening in the northeast corner of Luzon, in Santa Ana, Cagayan.

If you are a cruising yacht or power boat owner, and you have previously wondered where to tie–up in the North of the Philippines, the Santa Ana Yacht Club has the answer: tie–up in Cagayan. The facilities are a little bit limited at the moment but it is just a question of time before moorings, a clubhouse, restaurant and a bar will be finished to satisfy everyone’s needs. In the meantime an anchorage and partner beach resorts will more than satisfy.

Exotic Red Breasted Bird Spotted In Cagayan

Sunday, February 5th, 2012
Image courtesy Girlie Cervantes

UPDATED 5 March 2012

This bird has been positively identified as a sub-specie of Purple-throated sunbird, indigenous to the area around Cagayan and the Babuyan Islands: Leptocoma sperata henkei

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This red breasted bird was spotted while walking a forest trail in Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines, in early February 2012. It was one of a pair that were heard calling to each other from the treetops of a remote, lowland forest area near the seashore, facing the Pacific Ocean; the other of the pair was not seen before they both flew deeper into the forest cover.

Searching the Internet we can find only the red-breasted blackbird/blackbill (Sturnella militaris) that apparently has a close approximation to the general shape and size of this bird but: the beak of our bird is much longer and thinner than that of the blackbird/blackbill; the red plumage extends to the legs whereas the blackbird's red plumage stops a long way short of the legs; and, this particular specimen is a little smaller.

Game Fishing Tournaments San Vicente Cagayan Philippines

Monday, May 24th, 2010
Photograph: Game Fishing Tournament Siargao Surigao Del Norte Philippines
Image courtesy Rodney Hegerty

Game fishing tournaments in the Philippines are monthly affairs organized by various angling groups around the country. To find out about what is going on and who to talk to about getting involved is a challenging. Characteristic of the sport no doubt, even when you find “the right person” you need to apply constant prodding to finally gaff and disgorge the desired information.

Despite the obstacles, we have finally obtained the schedule of the Philippine Game Fishing Foundation's (PGFF) calendar for this year, albeit a little late. The 2010 game fishing tournament schedule was published a couple of weeks ago on's website under the Game Fishing In The Philippines section.