Information About ‘Boracay’ in The Philippines

Sailing Cruise Philippines #1

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016
Image courtesy: John Smart

A sailing cruise aboard S/Y Naya

Fancy a sailing cruise in the Philippines? We will have to be friends first . . . in return you will enjoy some of the prettiest sailing cruise destinations in the Philippines and chance to meet some of the ocean’s most astounding creatures.

We set sail from Laiya, Batangas, with the intent of starting our five day sailing cruise by crossing to the island of Marinduque; to be specific, to the Tres Reyes island chain, off the southwest of Marinduque Island. However, the wind did not favor this plan and so, fairly early, we changed course for the volcano island of Sibale (also known as Conception and Maestre de Campo, depending on the map you use).

Subic Bay To Boracay Race & Boracay Cup 2011

Thursday, January 27th, 2011
Subic Bay Race Start 2011 Australia
Image courtesy Jeremy Simpson

Under the auspices of the Philippine Sailing Association, the Saturday Afternoon Gentlemen's Sailing group (“SAGS”) plus the Subic Bay Yacht Club & the Lighthouse Marina Resort Hotel, will organize a yacht race from Subic Bay Freeport to the world-famous, white sand beach resort paradise of Boracay Beach.

The 205-mile race is different from anything that has gone before insomuch as the yachts will have a choice of courses to get to Boracay Beach. The traditional route to Boracay from northern Luzon is: South along the Batangas coast, through the Verde Island Passage past Puerto Galera and then along the East coast of Mindoro Island before (frequently) surfing down the Tablas Strait to Boracay. This year the race organizers are offering the option of taking the route along the West coast of Mindoro Island – a 30-mile longer route that avoids the sometimes mast-breaking Verde Island Passage and the infamous “hole” off Dumali Point.

Philippine Hobie Challenge 2011 Lucena To Boracay

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
Philippine Hobie Challenge Lucena to Boracay 2011
Image courtesy PHINSAF

The Philippine Inter-island Sailing Foundation (PHINSAF) has announced the 11th Philippine Hobie Challenge, that will take Hobie sailors on an island-hopping route from Lucena to Boracay. This event is the highlight of the Hobie 16 sailing year and is open to international and local sailors. So far teams from Australia, Japan and the Philippines have signed up; team numbers are limited there are only 14 two-person-team slots still available at the time of writing.

The Philippine Hobie Challenge was conceived to offer a true challenge to sailors who wanted to spend a thrilling week enjoying the islands of the Philippines. Each year a different start point is used, and the courses are designed to offer a mixture rough-and-tumble and fast-and-flat distance racing, plus conventional in-shore, buoy racing.

Biniray Festival Bulalacao Mindoro Island

Friday, April 30th, 2010
Photograph: Biniray Festival Bulalacao Or. Mindoro Philippines
Image courtesy Martyn Willes

The Biniray Festival in Bulalacao, Or. Mindoro, is probably the most colourful festival in Mindoro Island. The two-day Biniray Festival celebrates the bounty of the sea, rivers & land, and indigenous culture with parades, dancing, feasts and displays.

Starting with the parade of boats, the Biniray Festival, takes visitors on a tour of the history and culture of southeast Mindoro, without ever leaving Bulalacao town. The boats are decorated each year according to a theme proposed by the fishermans' association and almost every fishing boat in the community participates in a parade around Bulalacao Bay; upon returning to the town pier a feast of freshly caught seafood is offered along with dancing and merriment.

Commodore’s Cup Windsurfing Kiteboarding Caliraya Lake

Monday, November 9th, 2009
Commodore's Cup Windsurfing Kiteboarding Caliraya Lake
Photo courtesy Martyn Willes

The Commodore's Cup (5th - 6th December) at Caliraya Lake, Cavinti/Lumban, Laguna, is organised by the Philippine Windsurfing Association and brings the best windsurfing and kiteboarding practitioners from around the Philippines and across Asia together for the final event of the 2009 Philippine Windsurfing Series. The Commodore's Cup event is open to all national and international windsurfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts.

The Commodore's Cup is an annual event designed to close out the Philippine Windsurfing Series racing season, that this year started in Puerto Galera way back in February. At Caliraya Lake the 2009 Philippine windsurfing and kiteboarding champions will be crowned.