Information About ‘Ata-Manobo’ in The Philippines

Kadagayaan Festival & Exposition 2010 Davao Del Norte

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
Photograph: Kadagayaan Festival Exposition 2010 Davao del Norte Philippines
Image courtesy Davao Del Norte Tourism

The Kadagayaan Festival & Exposition 2010, Davao del Norte, is one of the highlights of the commemoration of the 43rd Founding Anniversary celebration of the Province of Davao del Norte. The four-day annual celebration embodies the culture and traditions of the Dabaonons through street dancing, lighted float parade, agri-trade fair and the Kalimudan tribal celebration.

The Kadagayaan Festival starts with the Indigenous Peoples & Immigrants thanksgiving rituals at the Kalimudan sa Davao del Norte (cultural village), on 28 June: the indigenous Ata-Manobo tribe shall bless the success of the Kadagayaan Festival & Exposition with celebration and merry–making; and, the Muslim K’gan tribe offer their cultural and traditional performances.