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Dive Davao Festival 2010 – Scuba Diving Events Samal Island Davao 

Dive Davao Festival 2010 Scuba Diving Events Samal Island Davao
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UPDATED 27/03/2010

Dive Davao Festival 2010 is the latest in a series of annual scuba diving events designed to promote the superb scuba diving and snorkeling areas in the Davao Gulf, around Samal Island. Almost all of best Samal Island beach resorts take part in the event and offer special packages for scuba diving adventures, and snorkeling adventures for those who have not yet qualified as scuba divers.

The week long Dive Davao Festival 2010 (formerly: Dive The Gulf 2010) activities will climax on Saturday evening with the Caracoles Festival. The Caracoles Festival is a dusk-to-dawn party along Peñaplata Wharf and adjoining beaches, with music & dancing, food & merriment served all-night long.

Samal Island is famous for its diverse marine-life and its crystal clear waters. Samal Island beach resorts offer a range of accommodations, from dormitory resorts to 5-star luxury beach resorts so whatever your budget, Dive Davao Festival should be on your scuba diving agenda in 2010.

If you are an active scuba diver and have not been to Dive Davao Festival scuba diving events before then you have missed out on a great opportunity. Samal Island offers trained scuba diving guides to take you to the best of the best dive sites around Samal Island and to the nearby islands & islets that make up the Island Garden City of Samal. In the waters of the Davao Gulf you can see a diverse marine ecosystem that supports both large and small marine life and features many graceful hawksbill turtles and the occasional visit of whale sharks at this time of year.

If you have not considered Samal island as a snorkeling & scuba diving destination before then you need to know that almost every beach resort on Samal Island is less than one hour from Davao International Airport. Fly to Davao International Airport from Cebu (60 minutes) from Manila (90 minutes) from Singapore (three hours). If you do not want to fly to Davao International Airport with all of your scuba equipment don’t worry, there are many dive shops on Samal Island and in Davao City that will rent the scuba equipment you choose not to carry.

Recommended places to stay on Samal Island during the Dive Davao Festival 2010, apart from the world famous 5-star Pearl Farm Beach Resort, are the Hof Gorei Beach Resort (secluded, lush tropical garden setting; close to the Pearl Farm & Peñaplata Wharf) and the Punta Del Sol Beach Resort (a classic Filipino beach resort; 10 minutes from Peñaplata Wharf). If you prefer a conventional hotel, as opposed to a beach resort, then you could alternatively choose a Davao City hotel . . . but then you would have to trek to Samal Island every day for the scuba diving.

Recommended foods and fruit to find in Samal Island & Davao: kinilaw (delicious fresh tuna salad); pomelo, durian, banana, pineapple, coffee, cacao.

Recommended places to eat on Samal Island during the Dive Davao Festival 2010: Precious Garden, Babak town, for a selection of European & Filipino dishes in a unique garden restaurant setting; Hof Gorei Beach Resort, fine selection of international cuisine served in the most prolific tropical garden or on the beach.

Come to the Dive Davao Festival 2010 from 19th to 23rd April, and enjoy some of the best scuba diving in the Philippines and Asia. Come to Samal Island to discover one of the best vacation destinations on the planet (scuba diving, snorkeling, caving, waterfalls, rock climbing, jet skiing, sailing, windsurfing, mountain bikes, quad-bikes, wakeboarding, water skiing, plus the largest colony of fruit bats (1.8 million animals) known to Man). Come to the Caracoles Festival (Samal Island) to party all-night long, 24th April.

The Dive Davao Festival 2010 and the Caracoles Festival are projects of Davao Del Norte Tourism Council and the Philippine Department of Tourism Region XI


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