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Information About ‘Superyachts’ in The Philippines

The Death Of Philippine Sailing?

Saturday, June 4th, 2016
Image courtesy: Girlie Cervantes


Through the intervention of Congressman Ricky Sandoval, the head of MARINA this morning confirmed that the proposed Memorandum Circular (distributed on 10th May, 2016), that aimed to regulate private Yachts and Other Pleasure Craft, will not be pursued in its present form. However, in the interests of on-water safety and security, proposals will be accepted for consideration by MARINA under the new administration.

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Why Do Ultra High Net Worth Individuals Go Sailing

Saturday, October 4th, 2014
Photo courtesy: John Smart

The amihan winds of Autumn are building around the periphery of a high pressure system that is developing over East Siberia. During the coming three weeks, Philippine sailing enthusiasts will be gearing up for sustained action at the first sailing regatta of the 2014/15 racing season: the All Souls Regatta in Puerto Galera – the largest sailing event in the Philippines for yachts.

Superyacht TV Discovers Wow In The Philippines

Monday, January 16th, 2012
Image courtesy Martyn Willes

A few years ago “the Philippines” was the whispered word in the world of superyacht destinations, now it seems everyone wants to come and check out the Philippine islands, from the perspective of the bridge of their own superyacht. Could it be that the Wow of the Philippines is even more fun for the ultra–rich?

Superyachts that used to come here did so in secret; privacy and seclusion was the objective. I recall when one such superyacht arrived off Puerto Galera in 2007, just long enough to dive the famous Canyons dive site off Escarceo Point. Staff at Asia Divers, who supplied the divemaster, were sworn to secrecy; the next morning the yacht was just a memory.