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Information About ‘Climate Change’ in The Philippines

10 Things You Can Do To Attack Climate Change

Thursday, December 24th, 2015
Image courtesy: NASA

A New Hope For The World! As Harrison Ford said in a recent interview: “Nature will take care of itself — Nature doesn’t need people, people need Nature to survive,”.

The climate change conference (COP21) in Paris, earlier this month, was deemed a success for government cooperation, insomuch as it showed that Man’s survival was an important agenda. Finally! But what can you and I do to make the agreement The framework for The solution to many of the World’s ills?

Climate Change: Impact On Philippine Tourism

Friday, November 13th, 2015
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With the United Nations' COP21 meeting in Paris about to take place, with around 185 nations reported to be attending, we thought it opportune to consider how a rise in sea level, resulting from the estimated 2°C to 4°C increase in global temperatures, may impact Philippine Tourism.

What Makes A Super Typhoon Like Haiyan?

Thursday, November 14th, 2013
Image: Kochi University, Tokyo

Friday 8th November, 2013, the most powerful typhoon to make landfall ever recorded swiped at the southern shores of Samar Island and smashed, like a freight train on steroids, into the town of Guiuan, Samar, and the city of Tacloban, Leyte; it pushed before it a storm surge - a wall of water - some 5 meters high (higher by some accounts). This “natural disaster”, that has possibly claimed upwards of 10,000 lives, should be a wake up call to the World because the cause is anything but natural. At the moment, only one person has shown the passion and dedication necessary to say it like it is . . .


Climate Change 400 Parts Per Million: Significant?

Monday, May 13th, 2013
Image Courtesy: Juliet Solar
If you were talking levels of mercury contamination of water you drank daily then chances are you would be already be dead or at least you would probably be a vegetable. The FDA approved limit in drinking water is 1ppm. In fact, a level of 400ppm of mercury in your drinking water would cause panic in your neighborhood and a demand for immediate action to locate the source and put a stop to it. In air, if you were talking carbon dioxide, it would mean little to your daily lives in terms of direct affects on your health. The difference is that, unlike mercury, elevated levels of carbon dioxide do not affect us in a way that causes panic . . . unless you happen to be faced with: rising sea levels, warming oceans, melting artic ice, floods, landslides, crop failure, out-migration of traditional food sources, absence of fish due to acidifying of oceans, failed water sources or fewer ski slopes to ski each winter.

Getting Wet In The Philippines

Saturday, January 26th, 2013
Image Courtesy: Martyn Willes

Getting wet seems to be the easiest thing to do in the World at the moment, with floods (or snow fall that will turn to flood) in: United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mozambique, the United States et al

Why does there appear to be so much precipitation?

Is it, as a friend of mine said recently, "a factor of the ability to deliver immediate news and especially when there is no real news flooding is a good headline"?

Super Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) Affecting Davao Mindanao

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
Image Courtesy: Kochi University, Japan

Super Typhoon Bopha (locally “Pablo”) made landfall around 6am (4th December, 2012) just South of Baganga town in the province of Davao Oriental. The expected track will take super typhoon Bopha across central and northern Mindanao to near Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte, and then to Northern Palawan. What is unusual about super typhoon Bopha is that it has tracked so far South, for so long.

The weather system started as a tropical depression, some 1300 nautical miles East of Davao City, near 2.5N 159.0E, on the 25th November, as reported by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center and subsequently via the Puerto Galera Yacht Club email Typhoon Warning service. At that time, the storm system was expected to track west-northwest, with only a small chance of touching land in the Philippines.

Support The Negros ev Rally 2013 Philippines

Monday, June 18th, 2012
Image By Domenick Yoney used without permission

Next year, Negros Island could be home to the first biennial electric vehicle road rally in Asia (if you exclude the famous World Solar Challenge in Australia). Why Negros? Because all of its power comes from renewable sources and is virtually free.

Negros derives its electricity from geothermal sources, deep beneath its rainforested interior. Thanks to initiatives of the previous administration, in the funding of modern road infrastructure, Negros also has some of the most underutilized roads in the Philippines. This unique combination of almost free electricity and underutilized roads has inadvertently created the ideal conditions and location for the World's first electric vehicle road rally. And in my opinion there are few better places to showcase environmentally friendly road vehicles than on an island where there is no pollution from coal, oil or gas powered electricity generating plants.

Al Gore Live In Manila Face The Inconvenient Truth

Sunday, April 25th, 2010
Al Gore face The Inconvenient Truth Live in Manila Philippines
Image courtesy SM Prime

Al Gore is live in Manila to help everyone face the inconvenient truth that will apparently get us all very wet in the wrong way if we do not wake up to the facts of climate-change, and take action.

Anyone who saw the original, award winning, theater presentation of An Inconvenient Truth (circa 2006) will want to attend this seminar to bring themselves and their peers up to date. Anyone who has not yet seen An Inconvenient Truth should absolutely attend this event in order to better understand the World as it changes around them.