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IBPAP HR Summit 2017: Humanizing Disruption

2 Resorts Drive, , Pasay City, Manila, 1309 Metro Manila
IBPAP HR Summit 2017: Humanizing Disruption
From: 2017-06-27  
To: 2017-06-28 
We are privileged to inform you that the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) is hosting HR Summit 2017 with the theme "Humanizing Disruption." This will be held on June 27-28, 2017 at the Manila Grand Ballroom, Marriot Hotel Manila, and Pasay City. HR Summit 2017 continues the tradition of successful and relevant HR events which were launched in 2015. We are confident this year’s Summit will continue to pave the way for a strengthened and more empowered HR community. This is why we are inviting​you to be among your​many​partners in this initiative, through the roster of sponsorship packages attached in this email.​​ For more information about this event and other events organized by IBPAP, you may reach us via email or our office number, (02) 802 2038. We will also be calling your office soon to make a follow up regarding our invitation. Thank you and we look forward to your most favourable response regarding this matter.

Organizer: Twinnie Ramos

Telephone now: +6328022038




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